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Did you know that a car donation in Stamford CT can be used in order to create educational programs for adults in Ukraine or even after school activities for youth across the globe? Donating your used car to the International Friendship Inc. – Children in Crises (IFI-CIC) allows you to help fund the different projects that are continuously taking place.

We take our role as a charity organization very seriously. Through the proceeds from donated cars, we are able to create shipments that contain medical equipment, computers, household items, books and much more to families and communities in need all over the world. These shipments are often delivered to hospitals and social service stations in order to make a difference within the community.

Through the funds that we have provided different organizations in the world, such as the Center for Underprivileged Children in Ukraine, we have been able to set up youth development programs. This allows children to interact with new materials and understand how different things work. They can learn about computers and even enjoy an array of after school activities that they may never have otherwise been exposed to. We have offered a number of different ways to provide healthy lifestyles, including using sports, art, music and more as healthier alternatives.

A car donation in Stamford CT may be something very simple that you can do. You don’t need to sell the car and provide us with the proceeds. We can do everything for you, including handing the car title transfer as well as the pickup of the car. This allows you to enjoy a tax deductible donation and allows individuals and families around the world to enjoy a personal victory of their own.

Children who were born with illnesses that don’t allow them to travel are now able to communicate with people around the world. This is because we have been able to provide them with computers, allowing them to interact with people from anywhere.

Adults who are handicapped and unable to work in the traditional workplace have been provided with educational courses on how to use a computer. Many have even been given their very own new computer so they can work from home on their computer.

There are many different things that the funds can be used for. We have worked with many different organizations in order to either provide humanitarian aid or funds for a crisis in a particular area of the world. We have shipped clothing, medical supplies, toys and household items into many different countries when a crisis has hit in order to help various families that have been displaced from their home.

You may be looking to make a car donation in Stamford CT. We would love for you to choose to donate it to the IFI because of all of the good we can do with the proceeds. From domestic organizations to organizations abroad, we have funded many in order to help over 80,000 people since we were first established in 1996.

When you want to help the world, there’s no better way to do so than by being a humanitarian. Our goal is to help disadvantaged children and adults around the world and with your assistance, we can continue to do so. We have promoted many healthy lifestyles throughout the many countries we have worked in and wish to keep doing so with the help from generous people like you throughout Stamford, CT.

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