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Jersey City Car Donation: Are You Ready to Make One?

Jersey City Car Donation

Are you ready to make a Jersey City car donation? Not sure where to get started? You have a variety of options throughout the area as to where you can donate your car or truck. When you are choosing a place to make a car donation, you want to make sure you are choosing a place that makes it easy for you to make a donation. Further, you want to know about where the proceeds from the sale of your car are going. At the IFI-CIC, you have full knowledge as to what we are doing with your vehicle.

A Jersey City Car Donation to the IFI-CIC

Making a Jersey City car donation to the IFI-CIC is simple because we know that your time is valuable. You have the ability to fill out the online vehicle donation form at your convenience. Once we receive the form, we will call you within 24 hours in order to schedule a convenient pickup time. That’s right. We will pick up your car or truck so that you do not need to figure out a way to get it to us. This saves you a considerable amount of time because you don’t need to take out an ad and you don’t need to hire a tow truck. We will provide a free towing service for you.

Once we have scheduled pickup, you can ensure that we will be on time. We will hand you a preliminary receipt when we pick up your vehicle and then we will handle all of the title transfer issues. This again is going to save you considerable amount of time – especially if you are not familiar with the DMV forms that need to be filled out.

A Jersey City car donation should be easy and when you donate to us, that is exactly what it will be. Once you choose to make your car donation, you know that you are assisting in a variety of different programs for at-risk children around the world. We have provided humanitarian aid shipments that includes toys, books, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other items to children and families in need – and with your car donation, we can continue to do this.

A Jersey City Car Donation is Simple

You likely don’t have a lot of free time. Even if your car does not work, we are able to benefit from it. When you donate to the IFI-CIC vehicle donation program, you are allowing us to help children with alternative therapy methods such as with an emphasis on music, art, sports, and various other things. You can also help us to help families who were in need by teaching them about computers and even providing them with a computer.

All you have to do is fill out a form online or call us at 1-800-546-7050. There is nothing easier than donating your car to us. Once we have completed all of the title transfer paperwork, we will mail you a second receipt which is proof of your tax-deductible contribution. This receipt can be saved for your records and to help you when you complete your taxes for next year.

Think about all of the good that you can do in the world when you choose to make a Jersey City car donation. When you are ready to get your old car out of your sight, simply click on this link to fill out the online donation form and we will respond within 24 hours to schedule a time to pick up your car.

For immediate assistance, call our donations hotline now at 1-800-546-7050.

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