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New Rochelle Car Donation Makes You a Humanitarian

New Rochelle Car Donation

Have you ever wanted to be a humanitarian? Are you lacking the funds to do so? Do you not have enough time to volunteer to various organizations? You don’t have to have a lot of money and you don’t have to have a lot of time in order to be a humanitarian. You simply need to know how to make an effective donation. If you have a car that you no longer use or that no longer runs, you can donate it to the IFI-CIC. We are a nonprofit organization that has been around since 1996, helping disadvantaged children and their families around the world.

Saving the World with a New Rochelle Car Donation

When you make a New Rochelle car donation, you have the ability to save the world in one way or another. Once we pick up your vehicle, we will sell it and use those proceeds in order to provide funding for a variety of different organizations or we may use it to create a humanitarian aid shipment. We have provided assistance to large-scale disaster relief programs including the 9/11 aftermath.

A New Rochelle car donation may not save the entire world, but it can make a difference with a lot of people. Thousands of families have benefited from the programs that we have worldwide. With the use of your car donation, we may be able to assist a variety of other families locally or internationally.

You don’t have to do anything when it comes to making a New Rochelle car donation. We handle everything for you. Once you have decided that you are ready to make a donation, you can call us on our Donations Hotline at 1-800-546-7050 or you can go online to fill out the vehicle donation form.

We have received a significant amount of support from people around the world over the years. Our vehicle donation program has made it possible for us to respond to local crises and causes and provides social understanding programs and improve living standards to at-risk groups around the world.

Going Online to Make a New Rochelle Car Donation

You can become a humanitarian simply by knowing what to do with your car in New Rochelle. A New Rochelle car donation will make a big difference for a lot of people. When you aren’t using your car anymore and you know that you won’t be able to sell it for much, you can use it as a tax-deductible charitable donation and become a humanitarian at the same time.

All of this can be done by going online. We have a simple vehicle donation form that you can fill out. This allows you to give us some personal information and that way one of our friendly representatives can contact you to schedule a pickup time for your vehicle. We will take care of the title transfer, the DMV forms, and everything else. We will even send a free towing service to your vehicle so that you don’t have to figure out how to get it to us.

Day or night, the form is available for you to make your New Rochelle car donation. Becoming a humanitarian is as simple as deciding that you want to donate your car to a great cause that will help organizations like the American Red Cross all around the world.

We are pleased you are trying to make a difference in the world and with your generous donation, we can provide assistance in many different ways.

Call us for immediate assistance on our toll-free hotline at 1-800-546-7050 or simply click on this link to fill out the online donation form so we can contact you to schedule a pick up.

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